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A Powerful Collection of Smart Irrigation Products Working Together.

Controllers – Aircards – Sensors – Accessories

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Smart Irrigation Controller

  • World’s leading Smart weather-based controller with more than 200,000 installed
  • Takes into account weather, soil, slope, sprinkler type to maximize watering efficiency
  • Irrigation Association New Product of the Year and Consumer’s Digest Best Buy
  • Nine-year record of reliability, performance and water savings
  • EPA Water Sense Labeled

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SmartLink Aircards

  • Provides web-enabled connectivity to secure cloud-based servers using cell networks.
  • New firmware is automatically added as features become available
  • Installs in minutes by simply plugging into communication port in the controller and activating
  • Flow-enabled version available allowing connection by simply wiring to a flow sensor


Weather Sensors

  • Records and processes weather data to establish auto-adjust run times. Serves as rain/freeze sensor.
  • Delivers on-site weather sensing to automatically adjust watering for your sites’s unique micro-climate
  • Integrates perfectly with SmartLine. No additional box to mount next to the controller. Installs in minutes.
  • Extensive wireless range of up to 1500 ft and 10-year battery life for long-lasting and reliable weather sensing
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  • Optional flow sensor that provides auto-shutdown in major broken lines and indication of actual flow
  • Designed specifically for irrigation and engineered to integrate with the SmartLink™ Flow Aircard
  • Affordable enough to install on nearly all new and old systems
  • Threaded retaining nut makes it easier to service in a valve box
  • Four bladed lightweight impeller is sensitive enough to measure lower flow rates
  • Smart electronics for better signal filtering

Flow Accessories

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Multiple flow sensors with one controller. Connect two Flow Sensors on different Points of Connection (POCs) to a single SmartLink Aircard.

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Multiple controllers with one flow sensor. This device receives the signal from a flow sensor and provides two isolated outputs that can be connected to two SmartLink™ Flow Aircards.

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Opening the door to affordable flow management for countless irrigation systems, install a Flow Sensor on an existing irrigation system without the need of running new wire back to the controllers.