Landscape Professionals

For years, landscape professionals, like you, have been demanding that irrigation controllers would enter the 21ST century. Weathermatic has engineered the solution. Finally, affordable web based irrigation control is available to everyone. With SmartLink, you can manage all of your sites from any computer,or mobile device, and a web browser. No software to install. No expensive hardware needed. You’ll be up and running in minutes.
SmartLink 2.0 is a web application that provides you the tools to be one step ahead. Make controller program changes, manage flow, use the on-site inspection tools, receive email alerts, send global commands, the list goes on and on. SmartLink becomes an indispensable part of your work-flow.

Over 3,000 Users, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

I like the Weathermatic Smartline for its built in diagnostics for the technician. Also the programmable season adjust by month is far better than any manual seasonal adjust- for those systems without the weather monitor. I think they’ve worked out most of the bugs with the weather monitors of 2007 era, the new SLW-1’s seem to be working well in the field.
Nick Millward, CIC, Irrigation Specialist at City Rain Inc.
The SmartLink web-based system can pay for itself in a single trip saved to adjust our customer’s controller. We are now able to respond in minutes rather than hours.
Lucas Castor, National Account Managern, Brickman Contractors
I have been in the industry for 26 years and one of the original testers of Valcon/Wetware back in 1994, and I was skeptical about a product that could be better. I installed four SmartLink Aircards in under 20 minutes and was operational within 5 minutes of logging-on through SmartLink Network. I immediately drove down a mile of medians operating every controller via my Andorid Smart Phone. At that point, I was sold. I cannot find one negative aspect of this unit. It is very apparent that Weathermatic did its homework and this is a win/win for Weathermatic and the end user.
Travis Sales, City of Mesquite, TX